An Environmental Friendly Fuel

Designed by Craig Oetting, B. S. Plant Sciences - Bioenergy from University of Tennessee

My Story

Following Hurricane Katrina’s destruction to the Gulf Coast  and the price of fuel skyrocketing - I knew  there had to be a more cost effective way to produce and utilize alternative sources for fuel.

With this conclusion, I started researching biodiesel. After six months of researching biodiesel and it’s components - I set out to make it myself.

With my increased interest in the field, I made the decision to return to school and pursue a formal degree in green technology.

I have since graduated from The University of Tennessee - Knoxville with a bachelors of science in plant science concentration bioenergy speciality biosystems engineering.

UT CASNR Students and Faculty Win Chancellor’s Honors

Chancellor’s Citation Award

A lunch presentation given for the Rotary Club of Cleveland, TN.

Rotary Club of Cleveland, TN

Craig in the media…..

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